Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

The following costs or packages include all expenses from admission to discharge which is a total duration of 8 days. It includes all the expenditure for the stay. There are no hidden or extra charges. The patient shall not have to pay even a single rupee more than these charges.

Type of SurgeryGeneral WardSemi-PrivatePrivateDeluxe
Coronary Bypass (CABG)2,25,000 +cost of valve/s3,00,000 + cost of valve/s3,75,000 + cost of valve/s4,50,000 + cost of valve/s
झडपेचे प्रकारजनरल वार्डसेमी - खाजगीखाजगीउत्तम दर्जाचा
हृदय बायपास (CABG)2,25,000 + झडपेची किंमत3,00,000 + झडपेची किंमत3,75,000 + झडपेची किंमत4,50,000 + झडपेची किंमत

Complex operations like second time surgeries are 50% additional charges over the above mentioned rates.

* It is always a good idea to confirm the exact total expenditure before surgery.

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